Beauty in simplicity

Here is my take on Mundane Monday….


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IMG_20150803_234846Mundane morning challenge

So I decided to join in the mundane morning challenge by photography blogger Jithin, I must say it was actually fun trying to come up with something…..

So here is my entry for this week, a couple of kitchenwares arranged on a utensils hanger. Looking forward to the next mundane morning challenge.

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My Happily Ever After

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Happily Ever After.”

When the words, Happily Ever After are uttered….

My mind automatically drifts off to Disney land. Cinderella and a whole lot of disney characters having lives better than they had ever dreamed of.

In reality sense,

I picture a happy ending, as me being extremely successful in life and starting a beautiful family with the one who leaves me breathless at the sound of his voice and his presence. Seeping on some margaritas in my amazing dream house with an ocean view (hehehe)…..

I still have a lot to achieve to get here, with every little step and hard work, I see this path closing in.

In no time I will have my Happily Ever After.

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Hello Blogsvilla


I’ve been off blogging for a while, It won’t be for the obvious reason of being busy but because I was afraid to write.

I was scared to voice out my thoughts, because I believed lots of people won’t be interested in what I had to say, they would see my write ups as silly yapping which to an extent might be right. But thinking of it now that’s why you own a blog, to write what you think and express yourself.

A blog is meant to be a place you come to escape from your head sometimes, write about your views on life and other things you want to talk about and be you. Like a personal diary, your blog should be written for you. If you start up a blog just for the sole reason of getting followers, it will never make it cause let’s face it…. not everyone will be interested in what u have to say, but if you speak from the heart and stop assessing your every move from the point of view of others, those who love what you have to say will listen to you anyway. Your blog should make you happy, pleased with yourself and so will the people ready to read your rants no matter how small they are. I’ve never been one to have full confidence in me and due to this I’ve lost a lot of opportunities but I’m ready to change that. I’m ready to believe in myself, well cause if I don’t …. how do I expect others to do the same? So here’s to those who have lost confidence in themselves, take a bold step and pursue things in your own way and watch what unfolds. A lot of us are scared of the unknown but that is the beauty of life, venturing into the unknown not knowing what is in store for you. You might succeed or you might fail, but it’s better to have tried and failed and learnt from your mistakes than not try at all and be stuck in the maybes. Here’s to new beginnings, venturing into the unknown and exploring the unending possibilities……


Craydiva 😉

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Writing 201….. Trust

Todays poem is about trust
Form: Acrostic
Device: Internal rhyme

The assignments are becoming more challenging as the days go by.. I had some difficulties with this one, but was finally able to come up with something. I hope you like it

The guy behind the beautiful smile, Kyle

Real to me I did believe, all to me you did deceive

Uncovered,  these love I tried to hide

Shame, you planned to leave me down this ride

Trust in you was all I had, but carving this heart for you was never hard

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Writing 201… Journey

Our next assignment is on the topic Journey
Using the Limerick format
I must say I’m enjoying this course and want to say a big Thank you to Ben Huberman for thinking up these challenges. It has been a great help and fun as well.
Here’s my take on the assignment

The journey to Love
Like a Dove
Should be let to fly
Soar so high
To where it’s meant to lie

Love, a secretly scary place
An unending race
Never minding its pace
Jump in with both feet
Exploring its beauty with no retreat

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Writing 201 [DAY ONE] WATER….

Today we were asked to write about water and make use of a Japanese form known as the  HAIKU
After playing around with a bunch of words, here is a little something I came up with…..

Plunge into the uncharted waters

Life alike journeys through these depths unknown

Fueled by measures of complexity

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