Dear Dream Reader….


Wow, this is harder than I thought : )

So, I’m taking part in the Blogging 101 course which helps you better yourself in writing and also come up with a great blog. The exercise for today is to write a letter to your dream reader,

Here we go (fingers crossed)

Hello you,


I’m pleased you could take the time out of your busy schedule and take a look at my blog.

I’m delighted? What am I saying? I’m going out of my mind with excitement


Well for starters, there are some key things you should know about me…..

I’m a simple young lady

Oh wait, scratch that…..  I’m actually a drama queen, like one of the biggest you may have gotten the chance to meet…. Hehe

You could say I’m somewhat of a dreamer

I fantasize a lot; I mean if you could get into my head for a day, you would be amazed at the things I cook up in there (lol)



One major fact about me is ….. I love movies, so if you are also a movie lover like me, it is really nice to meet you (come over here let me give you a big bear hug) mwuahhh.


What else…..

Well, I love my friends and I’m hoping with time you and I could become more than just the writer and my reader, but great friends and share ideas, advices and a hot cup of chocolate (wink)

I’m running out of things to yapp about, but you know what let’s make it a date….

Same time tomorrow don’t be late, I will be the one typing (Ok, I think that sounded funny.. Do u?) hehe

Have a lovely day


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4 Responses to Dear Dream Reader….

  1. LemonSherbet says:

    Made me smile…b r o a d l y 🙂

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